One of the advantages of being in business for over 30 years is that with experience comes flexibility.   We strive to deliver services that are structured to meet the needs individual clients, rather than trying to fit everyone into the same program.  Some people like to meet more frequently than others, some like to manage their own day-to-day investment decisions while still others delegate all of those decisions to us. 

Whether a client seeks a second opinion on a course of action or a specific answer to a technical question our advice will reflect our education in and commitment to the financial planning process.  We never require the purchase of products or money management services in order to obtain financial planning advice.

After reviewing your data we offer advice on:

  • cash flow management
  • asset allocation alternatives
  • ongoing investment management
  • retirement readiness
  • risk management through insurance
  • disability insurance
  • life insurance
  • health insurance
  • long term care insurance
  • home owners insurance
  • auto insurance
  • liability insurance
  • estate planning
  • tax planning
  • appropriateness of documents
  • wills
  • powers of attorney
  • health care directives
  • living wills
  • revocable living and testamentary trusts
  • planning for incapacity
  • charitable giving
  • income tax planning
  • appropriate use of debt
  • issues related to aging parents
  • issues related to raising children
  • section 529 plans
  • strategies for managing higher education costs
  • estate administration